Head of Digital Programmes for the Health and Safety Executive – £80,000

You Are Here:Head of Digital Programmes for the Health and Safety Executive – £80,000


Up to £80,000

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A challenging opportunity for an experienced digital services project and programme management professional. You will be developing and delivering digitally enabled services for the HSE, which aims to provide a step change in user experience both within HSE and in how we interface with a variety of external stakeholders and partners.

Key Responsibilities

The role of the Head of Digital Programmes is to:

  • Develop the Digital Services Programme that transforms the customer-facing activities of the HSE including projects to deliver; a multi-channel contract strategy, technologies to enable multi-channel service delivery, business process re-engineering, management information, organisational re-structuring and staff training.
  • Achieve the delivery of a “digital by default” set of HSE public services and encourage the adoption by users of shifting from single channel to multi-channel ways of interacting with HSE.
  • Providing strong, visionary leadership in line with the transformation programme set out in HSE:
  • Ensure that digital services are designed to meet user needs, are iteratively improved over time and are at the heart of the HSE’s interaction with businesses and the public.
  • Support the flexible, cost effective transformation of HSE’s technology estate by working with the Chief Technology Officer.
  • Lead the recruitment and embedding of a sustainable digital capability across HSE, and a complementary culture change strategy to widen all staff’s awareness of digital approaches and tools.
  • Work with the Cabinet Office, HM Treasury and other departments as the HSE’s Digital Leader to exchange best practice, develop cross-government strategic direction and deploy shared services.
  • Introducing new processes and procedures, to ensure agile, iterative development and operation of digital services is successful.
  • Driving the successful delivery of commercial digital projects and working colleagues across HSE to identify commercial digital opportunities.

Skills Required

  • Demonstrable and practical experience at a senior level, in public or private sector, of delivering transformational change to business technologies
  • Demonstrable and practical experience at a senior level of developing and delivering a multi-channel contract strategy
  • Digitally literate and capable of effectively engaging with technical staff, suppliers and stakeholders to define the best approach to service design, and that designs to achieve business/user objectives.
  • A high degree of market awareness
  • Experience of developing technology transformation strategies
  • Ability to develop excellent relationships with a wide range of senior stakeholders and technical experts, and to coordinate the delivery of complex and multi-faceted programmes and policy approaches.
  • Ability to work under pressure and to respond quickly to changing circumstances and to tight timetables.

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